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Thursday, January 23  •  11:00 am

Presented by Rick Pitts
Vice President and General Counsel to Arlington/Roe & Co., Inc.

This class is designed to be an introduction to the insurance issues related to violence in schools, workplaces and gatherings.  The course has a particular emphasis on examining the commercial risks.  The first part of the course is an examination of the ways in which law and risks are changing from a civil perspective.  The second portion is an examination of the coverage issues, and specifically the insurance industry’s response with providing coverage.


The chief objective of the course is to have students gain a wide-ranging sensitivity for what types of insureds might be interested in the coverage.  A secondary objective is to bring people up-to-date on state and federal liabilities that may exist.  Finally, another secondary objective is to have insurance personnel become sensitive to the coverage issues which may arise connected to violence in schools and events.


BMO Harris Bank
111 W. Monroe Street, 2nd Floor

FREE - Includes Lunch

For additional information contact
Tom Ross at or (708) 334-9676.

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